Low-Cost SaaS Integration with Fogbugz
QMetry Test Management provides a holistic life cycle management solution and is strongly engrained in our development process. If QMetry Test Management went away it would definitely cripple our development process and even affect our intellectual property in the short and mid-term.

Havish Vinnakota

Director of Quality Engineering



SolidFire needed a lightweight and inexpensive SaaS test management tool with enterprise level version control and integration with Fogbugz.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Bring efficiencies into testing process
  • Organize testing artifacts
  • Integration with defect tracker tool FogBugz

Havish Vinnakota is the Director of Quality Assurance (hereafter, QA) at Solidfire, a fast growing company in the storage industry. In this capacity, he works closely with the software development and program management teams to develop processes for maintaining product quality. Havish joined Solidfire in its early days and was tasked with building out a QA team and defining standardized QA processes that would help Solidfire release quality, zero-defect products.

Havish was looking for a comprehensive test management solution that would help him and his team organize all their testing artifacts. This in turn would help standardize testing processes and foster better collaboration amongst team members. Havish was looking for a tool that was lightweight and inexpensive and one that did not involve further investments in hardware and maintenance personnel at their end. His other key requirement was that the chosen product should integrate with their existing defect tracking system, Fogbugz.

Havish had used tools from large software vendors in the past, but had found the products to be bloated, to have bad usability, and an overkill for their needs. He spoke to Fog Creek Software (manufacturers of Fogbugz) and acquired a list of Total Test Management solutions that integrate with Fogbugz. Then he went to evaluate 4 products that satisfied his initial selection criteria and eventually settled on QMetry Test Management. Apart from a robust integration with Fogbugz, Havish found that QMetry Test Management was affordable, had a great user interface, was speedy and could be accessed from the cloud. Further, it was great to be able to connect its Requirements module to cases in Fogbugz, and to be able to run scripts automatically against an in-house automation engine.

Solidfire has now been using QMetry Test Management for over a year now and it’s been widely accepted by the product management and QA teams. Havish’s team has grown to more than 12 members and a total of 30 Solidfire access QMetry Test Management on a regular basis. There are more than 1000 test cases in QMetry Test Management now.