Holmes Corporation

Holmes Transitions to Agile Testing Using QMetry Test Management With Rally
Adopting QMetry Test Management gives us greater confidence in the quality of a release. QMetry Test Management’s capabilities and its integration with Rally has been a significant catalyst for the adoption of Agile testing.

Guenther Weydauer

Sr. VP Product Development

Holmes Corporation


Holmes Corporation was using Rally for Agile requirement gathering and needed a tool to allow the QA to gather the requirements and submit bugs back to development.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Robust bi-directional integration with Rally
  • Powerful Agile testing features
  • Ability to easily gauge release readiness

Founded in 1970, Holmes Corporation is an instructional design, marketing, and channel management/distribution firm.

Guenther Weydauer is the SVP for Product Development at Holmes and is responsible for developing and maintaining over 20 different web-based products. His team follows a strict Agile process by using best practices from both Scrum and Kanban, including weekly sprints and daily standup meetings.

Holmes Corporation uses the Enterprise version of Rally Software’s cloud-based offering to manage their projects. Their developers also have developed hundreds of automated Test Cases in Selenium that are executed whenever a new product is launched or updated. However, these efforts were not yielding desired results as the QA team did not have much visibility into the testing endeavors and associated results. Further, he had to deal with scenarios where products were not tested sufficiently before Release, which resulted in significant negative perceptions from their customer base.

As the scale and complexity of Holmes’s products grew, Guenther realized that current testing processes would not suffice in the long run. His team tried to use Rally’s Quality Module for testing, but found that reusing Test Cases across Sprints was not an easy process and involved a fair degree of effort. Further, Rally’s Quality Module lacked a couple of key Reports, namely the ability to slice results by test runs against a build that would give them detailed visibility into the incremental change in stability of a release.

Guenther did a quick search for cloud-based Test Management products that integrated with Rally and decided to trial QMetry Test Management and a couple of other products. Their other key requirements were the ability to integrate with Jenkins and Selenium and for a comprehensive Dashboard that could enable them to gauge ‘Release readiness’.

After a month-long evaluation process, Guenther’s team chose QMetry Test Management as the tool of choice. Apart from meeting all their needs, they found that QMetry Test Management’s Continuous Testing capabilities enabled them to easily associate Test Cases by individual build. This feature along with the ability to move Test Cases into current scope or to the backlog, foster true Agile testing processes within the QA organization. Also, they liked the ability to pass defect information from QMetry Test Management back to Rally and User Stories from Rally into QMetry Test Management for Requirements.