Managing QA in an Agile Development Processes with JIRA
Candidly, I don’t know how we would carry out testing without QMetry Test Management. We would be in a world of hurt and would regress back to a scenario of ad-hoc and undefined testing.

Anne Frazer

Director of Quality Assurance



QMetry Test Management helped Healthland move their QA department to keep up with a the new Agile development processes from engineering.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Ability to work with Agile development methodologies
  • Strong integration with JIRA
  • Flexible and customizable

Founded in 1980, Healthland (formerly Dairyland Healthcare Solutions) has been serving the healthcare market for nearly 30 years. During that time, Healthland has grown into a leading nationwide provider of comprehensive healthcare information systems for rural and critical access hospitals.

In 2011, Healthland’s technology organization appointed Anne Frazer as its Director of Quality Assurance. Anne’s charter was to build out a Quality Assurance team, to provide strategic direction for quality incentives and establish formal processes for robust testing of Healthland’s products. Today, Anne is managing a team of more than 30 Quality Assurance professionals distributed across offices in the US and overseas.

When Anne took over the reins of the QA group, Healthland’s customers were expressing dissatisfaction with the quality and reliability of the product. The QA team itself was not happy with the capabilities of the current QA tool, SmartPlanner; and there was inconsistent QA process across offices to organize test cases and run them against chosen platforms.

Anne initiated the search for a new QA tool that would satisfy their dual needs of an affordable and feature-rich test management solution, and one that would fit in with their Agile software development methodology. The other key requirement was for the tool to integrate with their defect tracking tool, JIRA with GreenHopper plugin (GreenHopper is now known as JIRA Agile).

Anne and her team evaluated 4 solutions and decided that QMetry Test Management was the best fit for their feature requirements and budget. The team found that QMetry Test Management had all the relevant, industry-grade features that were required to define and execute a comprehensive testing strategy. Further, they found that it was extremely flexible and allowed them to define and organize test cases into repositories exactly the way they wanted. They were also enthused by its ability to fit into their Agile processes and the fact that the nomenclature in the tool could adapt to include Agile terminology.

Today, QMetry Test Management is accessed very regularly by Anne’s team and is central to many quality-defining initiatives at Healthland. It has even helped them uncover latent bugs within 3 previous release cycles. Further, they are impressed by the data portability capabilities and the open API to Perl. The tool is particularly popular with her offshore teams.