Scaling QA with QMetry Test Management and Selenium
Our team is very pleased with the functionality of QMetry Test Management and the timely response we get from their support team whenever the need arises. QMetry Test Management is absolutely critical to our continuous efforts to deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions to our customers.

Patrice Lamarque

Vice President of Products



How eXo Platform uses QMetry Test Management integrated with Selenium automation to scale QA to keep up with growing market and deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Synchronize with their cloud-based LDAP
  • Integration with automation processes in Selenium
  • Ability to test a fast-growing and complex product line

eXo Platform helps companies connect their employees, customers and developers through social, collaborative and content-driven intranets, websites and dashboards. As the VP of Products at eXo, Patrice Lamarque, is responsible for defining the product roadmap, marketing and also for Functional QA – that is, ensuring that any product release meets the needs of their diverse set of customers.

When Patrice joined the eXo team, they were using Excel for helping conduct tasks relating to Functional QA. He quickly discovered that Excel was insufficient for eXo’s fast-growing and increasingly sophisticated product, and for supporting a rapidly growing customer base. Put succinctly, Excel was just not suitable for the natural process of corporate maturation that eXo was going through.

Patrice decided to invest in an Enterprise-grade Test Management tool that would help alleviate the problems that his team was facing. His key criteria were affordability, for the solution to be based in the cloud (to avoid IT overhead), and for it to be able to integrate effectively with the in-house defect tracking tool, JIRA.

After evaluating 2 commercial and 2 open-source tools, Patrice and his team settled upon QMetry Test Management. The product had all the capabilities they wanted and it was also at a price point that made it a very easy decision for eXo. They were particularly impressed at the ease by which Test Cases could be grouped and executed in Test Suites. Further, QMetry Test Management ‘ticked off all the other boxes’ in their desired criteria for a Test Management platform: the ability to integrate with Selenium, a strong bi-directional integration with JIRA, ability to synchronize with their cloud-based LDAP system, and a powerful user interface that made it very easy for a new user to get familiar with the product’s functionality in a short amount of time.