Improving Efficiency of Test Management
QMetry Test Management is the single source of truth when it comes to testing lifecycle information. Anyone can go into the tool and instantly get the information they need by drilling down into dashboard reports. Integration with Rally will further improve Requirements traceability and increase the productivity of our entire software team.

Janice Lin

QA Manager



As the complexity of their web-based application grew Epocrates found that Excel was too unwieldy and lacked the reporting needed for management.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Ability to work with Agile development methodologies
  • Strong integration with JIRA
  • Insightful dashboards and powerful reporting

Epocrates, Inc. creates point-of-care digital solutions that enhance the practice of medicine. More than 1 million active members, including 50% of U.S. physicians, use Epocrates to help improve patient care and practice efficiencies with its drug reference, educational and clinical apps.

Janice Lin is a QA Manager in the technology organization at Epocrates. She is a key influencer in evaluating and selecting technologies for use within the QA organization. For years, her team was using Excel to create and maintain test cases. However, as the complexity of their web-based application grew, Janice found that Excel was getting too unwieldy and unmanageable. They also needed to instantly get access to various summarized information and analysis about the state of their testing cycle.

Janice decided to invest in a Test Management tool that would help centralize all Testing activity and also provide all the desired results to both her executive management and QA teams. Their primary requirement was that the selected tool would be able to integrate with their defect tracking tool, JIRA that was being used extensively by their engineering team. They also wanted a tool that had an intuitive UI and powerful reports that could help them get the information they wanted at the desired level of granularity.

Janice and her team evaluated 4 vendors including QMetry Test Management for use within the organization. They finally chose QMetry Test Management as it met their main criteria for strong integration with JIRA and for the ability of their dashboards to provide the analysis and reports they needed. Further, they were pleased with the level of support they received from both the sales and support teams for installation inside their corporate firewall and for getting acclimated with the numerous features inside the platform.

Today, QMetry Test Management is regularly used by many groups inside Epocrates including QA and product management. Plans are in place to integrate it with their requirements management platform, Rally, to introduce new efficiencies into their entire ALM processes.