Managing Both Agile and Waterfall
QMetry Test Management allows for testing of projects that follow both the Waterfall and Agile development methodologies. Its flexible nomenclature along with the ability to trace Requirements greatly helps us successfully manage our client interactions and for ensuring that our deliverables are on time and within cost.

Zbyszek Mockun

Head of the QA Practice



How QMetry Test Management helped Cognifide migrate from Testopia to handle enterprise level testing for both Waterfall and Agile projects.

Why QMetry Test Management

  • Need for Enterprise-Grade Test Management
  • Seamless Integration with Selenium
  • Ability to import Requirements and Defects from JIRA

Cognifide provides a wide range of digital expertise from technical design and development to digital marketing, on-going support and consultancy. With offices in London, UK and Poznan, Poland, Cognifide addressed needs of many premier corporations including Skype, Roche, Allianz and others.

Zbyszek Mockun is the Head of the QA practice at Cognifide. In this capacity he heads up a team of up to 30 QA practitioners and is also responsible for developing test strategies and the overall development of the QA group.

A few years ago, Zbyszek used Testopia for managing all their Test Cases. However, as the team began to grow he found that Testopia was unreliable and had multiple issues that precluded its use as the default test management tool of choice within the organization. The legacy tool had a number of limitations, and as a result the testing effort on larger and more complex projects was significantly higher than expected. The flexibility of the query language was limited and therefore the organization was unable to mine the data that it had captured over the months and years, rendering the tool less useful for an organization that was growing both in size and maturity.

Zbyszek decided to procure an Enterprise-grade Test Management tool that would address their needs for a centralized Testing platform that could be used internally and also for interactions with customers. The other need was for the tool to be able to integrate with Atlassian’s JIRA platform so that Requirements and Defects in JIRA could be meaningfully correlated with Test Cases. It was very important to have the possibility of integration with open source automation tools, such as Selenium. After an exhaustive search, Zbyszek and his team decided that QMetry Test Management was the best tool for their purposes. Its intuitive UI, easy setup process and strong bi-directional integration with JIRA were key factors that influenced the team’s decision.

Today the Cognifide team uses QMetry Test Management for testing their projects with dozens of clients. QMetry Test Management hosts thousands of Test Cases that are accessed regularly by the Cognifide team as well as their clients.

Cognifide as an organization looks continually to push the boundaries in its ability to carry out root cause analysis in order to improve continuously. QMetry Test Management currently meets its Requirements and Cognifide looks forward to see additional functionality developed to aid Test Management.